1. Decide why you want to travel. to unwind to snap photos? to establish memories? to investigate to add a final item to your completed list or to create vlogs or reels? Any option will do as long as it makes you pleased. And make necessary plans.
  2. Look for online deals and savings on travel and lodging. Use Incognito window.The website is tracking what you’re looking for and will increase the price, therefore you should search for flights incognito or delete the cookies on your web browser.Always search for coupon codes for OTA’s and Airlines on websites like Couponalexa.com
  3. Take a scanned copy of your ID with you wherever you go. Have it in Digi wallet in your Mobile.
  4. To book directly at a lower rate, call the hotel.
  5. As you are traveling to a new location, make as many preparations as you can in advance. You might get into unwelcome problems. Be ready and educate yourself on the location you are visiting.
  6. Keep your luggage light; just bring what you will actually wear or use.
  7. Always carry extra clothing and medications. In your emergency kit, include pills for headache, diarrhea, and fever as well.
  8. Don’t spend money you don’t have to; your trip is about experiencing new things, making memories, and getting to know the people you’re visiting.
  9. Instead of wasting time taking several pictures and then having to waste time choosing the finest ones, concentrate on conjuring up images in your brain.
  10. Look for opportunities for exposure, trying new things, conquering fears, and talking about weaknesses.
  11. Try to keep your needs and expectations in check, and avoid making a big deal out of things like services and quality, etc. Try to lift the mood rather than lower it. Try leaving your nest of comfort because you are out exploring rather than relaxing in your home.
  12. Bargain where you can because everything is already more expensive in tourist areas.
  13. Eat at those popular little restaurants that serve local cuisine.
  14. Water-borne illnesses are prevalent after travel; always drink clean, filtered water.
  15. Be hospitable; don’t be an idiot. Be kind to everyone you encounter and flexible. Accept the change.
  16. Learn as much as you can about this new environment you are in. a minimum of something. Make a map of the locations you’ll be visiting. Ensure simplicity. Don’t strive to cover all the bases; prioritise quality over quantity.
  17. In case of an emergency, learn a few local phrases and terms, such as *food, water, money, help, I’m lost, I need aid.
  18. Always have your own water bottle and a packed dry snack with you. whenever possible, refill it. Always!
  19. Get in touch with the locals. You will have the opportunity to discover secret locations, detours, tales, and incidents.
  20. When Traveling to off-beat locations, Keep matchsticks, a torch, a little rope, and a knife or blade with a permissible blade size in your carry-on.
  21. Always keep cash and coins on you. Cards/Wallets typically doesn’t work everywhere.
  22. Don’t keep all your cash in one location. Divide it into two or three pieces. If you have numerous cards, repeat the process. You will still have some cash or credit cards even if your bag or purse is lost.
  23. Take a selfie while carrying all of your bags. All of the relevant paperwork should be kept in your phone as a soft copy. Include a contact on your lock screen wallpaper or emergency call list.
  24. Put your wallet in the pocket up front. Loss probability decreases.
  25. On a piece of paper, jot down your hotel’s name and location. Be able to operate occasionally without a phone or when it is switched Off.
  26. Don’t forget your sunglasses, power bank, and earbuds.
  27. Download route maps that are offline. You can’t always rely on the Network.
  28. If the hotel has WiFi, ask for the password. It was bought by you. You have the right.
  29. Bring some slippers with you. If not, you’ll regret it. Sometimes, shoes might get damp.
  30. Check out your seat in advance, especially on lengthy flights. There are differences among airplane seats. Some are absurdly near to the restrooms, some have more leg room, etc.
  31. Do not pressure yourself to visit every “must-see” location. There is a distinction between “seeing” and “experience.”
  32. Understand the local customs and dress appropriately. Never make comparisons to your own culture. Never criticize a person’s conduct, manner of life, or eating habits. Be polite!
  33. Become more frugal. Fun is Must. Make a budget. transit on the local level. Make new friends. learn about street food. Go regional. It’s an adventure of a lifetime.
  34. Don’t take unnecessary risks. Even if you are an expert in something, don’t do it if someone is advising you not to.
  35. Join online travel clubs and backpacker communities. Find out who is willing to host or accompany you.
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