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The tiffin box has, in many ways, shaped our attitudes towards food, and carried the memory and love of our mothers. Vaya Life’s endeavor is to infuse freshness into daily home products, whose value and even functionality took a hit with globalization, with the market getting flooded with cheap plastic products from China and elsewhere. Vaya has revamped the tiffin box into a smart product with sustainable design to impact the daily lives of customers.


Vaya FAQ’s


Q.1) For how long food will remin warm in Vaya Tyffyn?

Vaya tyffyn is designed in a way that it can retain warmth of food for long duration, between 4 to 6 hours which is usually the duration between packing of food in the morning to regular lunchtime in the afternoon. The 600 ml Vaya tyffyn retains warmth of the food for 4 – 5 hours, while the 1000 ml and 1300 ml Vaya tyffyn retains warmth for 5 – 6 hours. On the entire Tyffyn range, on an average, if the food is packed at 70 degree C, it will be around 45 degree C after 5 hours. If you pack the food and keep it in the tyffyn boiling hot from the stove, the tyffyn performs better.

Q.2) What is Vaya Tyffyn made of?

All the variants of Vaya Tyffyn are made of the highest food grade stainless steel which is approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration). One variant of Vaya tyffyn containers have Copper finish coating on outside while other variant has stainless steel.The lids are made of durable BPA- Free plastic.


Q.3) Is Vaya’s variant ‘WOOL’ made of wool and ‘maple’of wood?

No, the “Wool” variant and the “Maple” variant is made of food grade stainless steel material with “Wool” and “Maple” graphics printed on it.


Q.4) Is the product available for shipping free?

Yes, please visit their global website – vayalife.com.