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About FairPrice

NTUC FairPrice was inaugurated by then prime minister Lee Kuan Yew on July 22, 1973. Earlier it was known as NTUC Welcome Supermarket. But due to increasing competition, NTUC Welcome and SEC got merged, which lead to the birth of NTUC FairPrice Co-operative Limited. And today FairPrice Co-operative Ltd is Singapore’s largest grocery retailer, NTUC FairPrice is its e-commerce portal. At NTUC FairPrice online, you get every product related to your daily need, from household products, quality wine, home care essentials to baby care products. With the delivery of products at your doorstep facility.

Save On FairPrice

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FairPrice Products

FairPrice Baby Care

FairPrice Lactating Milk, FairPrice Cereals, FairPrice Organic Baby Food, FairPrice Breast Pumps, FairPrice Breast Pads, FairPrice Nipple Shield, FairPrice Baby Wips, FairPrice Milk Bottles, FairPrice Pacifiers, FairPrice Teethers, FairPrice Baby Soaps, FairPrice Baby Grooming, FairPrice Baby Toys, FairPrice Baby Oils, FairPrice Newborn Diapers, FairPrice Cribs, Beds & Playpens.

FairPrice Household

FairPrice Laundry Care, FairPrice Detergents, FairPrice Dishwashing, FairPrice Home Cleaners, FairPrice Fresheners, FairPrice Pest Control, FairPrice Paper & Tissue, FairPrice Kitchen & Dining, FairPrice Home Needs, FairPrice Stationery & Batteries

FairPrice Food Items

FairPrice Fruits, FairPrice Vegetables, FairPrice Fish & Seafood, FairPrice Meatballs, FairPrice Chicken, FairPrice Eggs, FairPrice Cheese, FairPrice Butter, Margarine & Spreads, FairPrice Chilled Food, FairPrice Ice Cream, FairPrice Snacks, FairPrice Biscuits, FairPrice Canned Food, FairPrice Noodles, FairPrice Pasta, FairPrice Sugar & Sweetene

FairPrice Drinks

FairPrice Coffee, FairPrice Tea, FairPrice Juices, FairPrice Beveragesk, FairPrice UHT Milk, FairPrice Water, FairPrice Alcopop & Cider, FairPrice Ale, Lager and Malt, FairPrice Dark Beer, FairPrice Stout, FairPrice Fruit Beer, FairPrice White Wine, FairPrice Red Wine, FairPrice Champangne, FairPrice Rose Wine, FairPrice Brandy, FairPrice Whisky, FairPrice Gin, Vodka & Rum, FairPrice Tequila, FairPrice Liquors.

FairPrice Health Care

FairPrice Essence & Vitamins, FairPrice Health Supplements, FairPrice Tonics, FairPrice Colouring & Styling, FairPrice Conditioners, FairPrice Shampoo, FairPrice Eye Care, FairPrice Skin Care, FairPrice Facial Cleansers, FairPrice Facial Masks, FairPrice Shavers, FairPrice Mouthwash, FairPrice Bar Soap, FairPrice Body Wash, FairPrice Creams & Lotions, FairPrice Female Hygiene, FairPrice Sanitary Pads, FairPrice Tampons.

FairPrice FAQ

  • What Is FairPrice Promo Code’s T&C?

FairPrice Promo Codes are Non-exchangeable for cash and/or gift vouchers. They are valid for at least 1 year from the date of the issue, and are non-renewable once they got expire. The FairPrice Pomo codes are non-refundable for any unused amount/value and no cash refund will be given. FairPrice Promo Code is non-refundable and/or non-exchangeable in the event of loss, theft, or damage.

  • Where Can I Get FairPrice Discount Codes?

For an amount below $5,000, you may purchase them from any NTUC FairPrice supermarket, Finest, and Xtra stores. For the amount above $5,000, please submit your order request on the official website of FairPrice.

  • Do You Have FairPrice Discounts Codes For Bulk Purchase Of Products?

FairPrice does not offer any kind of FairPrice Promo Code, FairPrice Discount Code, or FairPrice Coupons code, for any kind of or for any amount of bulk purchase.

  • Do You Have Discounts For Corporate Purchase Of Vouchers?

FairPrice does not offer any kind of FairPrice Promo Code, FairPrice Discount Code, or FairPrice Coupons code, for any kind of corporate purchase.

  • Can I Pay For FairPrice Vouchers Through Cheque?

Only purchases from the headquarter of FairPrice can be paid by corporate cheque.

  • Can I pay for FairPrice Vouchers by credit card?

Yes, you can buy FairPrice Vouchers from the stores, that accept the particular credit card you are using, up to a maximum of $5,000.

FairPrice Contact Information

Phone No- 65522722